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SWM16 Specifications

DirecTV has released a SWM16 unit with support for up to 16 SWM tuners and 4 legacy tuners. Many other features vary from the SWM8 also.

SWM16 Features

  • Provides sixteen (16) streams for support of up to 16 DIRECTV satellite tuners (can be 16 individual receivers or 8 DVRs or a combination, assuming two tuners per DVR) (tuners must be suitably compatible)
  • Provides four (4) legacy outputs for older equipment (cables must be home-runs)
  • With a SWM, only ONE LINE is connected into the back of a compatible HD DVR. The satellite 2 input is NOT USED and two tuners are available from that single line. No split at the unit is necessary; this is performed internally.
  • Can be installed inside or out. Generally, the SWM is installed outside at the dish area, and the Power Inserter is installed indoors.
  • Supports six (6) satellite LNB inputs. Four are for the 3LNB or 5LNB HD dish, plus two Flex Ports for support of additional local or international signal satellite dishes (95 sat and 72.5 sat).
  • Eight tuners per SWM port, max. For use with more, both SWM outputs must be used, with a maximum of 8 tuners per port.
  • DECA signals are combined between the two SWM ports, so any MRV compatible unit on either port can see all units on both ports.
  • B-Band converters are NOT used with receivers connected to SWM. This functionality is performed by the SWM.
  • Maximum total distance from SWM to receiver: 300' max run with 1x2 splitter; 250' max run with 1x4 splitter; 200' max run with 1x8 splitters.

Compatible Receivers

  • HR20, HR21, HR21 Pro, HR22, THR22, HR23, and HR24 HD DVRs (each take two signals from the SWM)
  • HR34 (takes five signals from a single wire)
  • H20, H21, H23, H24, and H25 HD Receiver (each take one signal)
  • R16 and R22 (each take two signals from the SWM wire)
  • D12 and D13 (each take one signal)
  • DirecTV HD TiVo - The older unit(HR10-250) will NOT work with SWMs, except via the legacy ports. The new unit coming out in 2011 (watch for the latest info on that on the WeaKnees TiVo Blog) SHOULD work fine with SWMs.
  • Older Equipment: legacy ports (four), any DirecTV receiver will work. Runs need to be home runs (one solid run from the receiver to the SWM). Specifically, any DirecTV TiVo will work, but will need to use the legacy ports.

Compatible Dishes

  • The SWM16 will work with any non-SWM dish, current or older. Additionally, the SWM16 will work with two dishes in many situations, for example a 5LNB dish, plus an international dish. The SWM16 has four ports for the primary dish (5LNB in this example) and two "flex" ports for a secondary dish.
  • Please note: a SWM16 cannot connect to a SWM dish - so if you have a 5LNB or 3LNB dish with one output, that's a SWM dish, and a second multiswitch cannot be used with it.

Physical Specs

  • Number of Input Ports: 6 Satellite (power goes in through the SWM1 port or the dedicated power port)
  • Dimensions: 210x170x35 mm
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Operating temperature range: C -34 to +52 (-29 to 125.6F)

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