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The symptoms of a non-working SWM really are pretty simple: You don’t get satellite signal on all units, on all satellites, or your signal comes in and out.

Here is a checklist of things to check and troubleshooting advice to help get your SWM working properly.

  • Try rebooting/restarting the receiver to see if that solves the problem.
  • If you have multiple receivers, do not turn them all on at the same time. Each satellite receiver has to get its "SWM assignment" and these can conflict if receivers request them at the same time. So turn off all machines, and power them back on one at a time to see if that solves the issue.
  • If your receiver has an option to detect satellites manually, rather than automatically, choose manually and set it to 5LNB or 3LNB as necessary. Most receivers do not have this option.
  • Be sure that you do not have B-Band converters connected to any receiver. The B-Band converter functionality is now integrated into the SWM, so the B-Band converters both aren't need, and cause problems. HR23s don't ever need B-Band converters.
  • If you are connecting a DVR, be sure that you do not have a coaxial cable connected to the satellite 2 input. With a SWM, only the SAT1 port (labeled FTM or SWM) is used (and potentially an OTA port on an HR20 or H20).
  • In the satellite setup section of your receiver, you can cycle through the various satellites and transponders. When cycling through the satellites (101, 110, 119, etc.), one of them should be SWM. If you do not see SWM as one of the options, then your unit is either not SWM-compatible (double-check the list in our FAQ) or the problem is with your connection to the SWM. Less likely, you have defective equipment.
  • In most situations, all four outputs from the 3LNB or 5LNB dish MUST be connected to the SWM port directly. There are other layouts, but this is the simplest, and should be your starting point.
  • The SWM will work with the AT9 and AU9 dishes - both are 5LNB dishes. The SWM will work with older single, dual, or triple LNB dishes, although generally the receivers used with those dishes are NOT SWM compatible.
  • Some type of power inserter MUST be used with a SWM. It won't work at all without proper power.
  • If you are using the legacy ports, be aware the each cable from the legacy ports supports one tuner only, like all previous dishes and multiswitches. So to connect to a legacy DVR, you'll need two runs to the DVR, each from its own legacy port.

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