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Power Inserters for the Single Wire Multiswitch

The SWM-8 was designed to make sure that the only cable that needs to penetrate exterior walls is one RG-6 cable - a cable that may already be in place from cable TV installations.

For this reason, the power has been engineered to travel back up the same cable that the satellite signal travels down. So the SWM-8 sits outside with the dish, and the power source is installed inside the house. The cable from the SWM goes into the power inserter, and then the power inserter has an output that carries the SWM signal on to the receivers. That output of the power inserter is low-voltage.

A few different types of power inserters are available for the DIRECTV SWM-8. We recommend the DIRECTV-brand power inserter in any situation where you are installing only one SWM-8 unit. This is generally labelled PI-28, although is generally delivers 29 volts of power. A newer revision is now called the PI-29. The PI-28 and PI-29 can also power a SWM16, or a SWM LNB.

There is another DirecTV SWM power inserter called the PI-21. This works in a similar way (RG6 pass-through) but this is for the SWM dish, not the SWM8. So this works with both the 3LNB SWM dish and the 5LNB SWM dish. We do not recommend using a PI-21 with a SWM8 or a SWM16 multiswitch.

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