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SWM8 and SMW LNB (ODU) Comparison


Standalone Unit

Integrated into Dish

8 SWM Tuner Signals

8 SWM Tuner Signals

3 Legacy Ports

No Legacy Ports

OTA, Cable, and Closed-circuit can be diplexed into SWM signal via OTA diplex port

Diplexing requires an entry diplexer

Separate Power Inserter

Separate Power Inserter

Expandable - can run in parallel with other multiswiches (SWM and traditional)

Not expandable

Two flex ports (for adding international or other local dish cables)

No flex ports

Summary: In most new, small home installations, the SWM LNB is an easy choice. In existing installations, where the dish is already mounted, the SWM8 makes more sense as an upgrade.

Reasons to choose the SWM8 over the SWM LNB:

  • dish is already mounted - no reason to change that
  • support for older equipment, including DirecTV TiVos, and HD units that are limited to MPEG2 (using the legacy ports)
  • ability to support more than eight tuners (four DVRs) in one installation
  • need for flex ports for international or 72.5 dish (or both)
  • room for expansion--it is easy to swap a SWM8 for a SWM16, or to add a second SWM8, should you run out of tuners

Varieties of SWM LNB:

  • 5LNB SWM - this is the original SWM LNB dish, and it captures broadcasts on the 99, 101, 103, 110, and 119 satellites
  • 3LNB SWM - this newer dish drops support for the 110 and 119 satellites. Most customers do not need access to these satellites. Just to be clear, the older 3LNB dish (the original dish needed for any HD access) saw the 101, 110, and 119 satellites, so this new 3LNB SWM dish sees 99, 101, and 103 which have the MPEG4 programming.


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