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The SWM8 (also known as the "single wire multwitch") allows a single line run from a DIRECTV satellite dish to be split to feed up to eight DIRECTV satellite tuners.

In the world of SWM products, there are now three distinct items: SWM8, SWM16, and SWM-LNB. See our SWM8 FAQ entry for more info about the differences between those items. The Slimline SWM is a new dish from DirecTV that combines a 3LNB or 5LNB dish with a modified SWM8 switch in one item, with a separate power inserter. This dish does not support any legacy receivers and is limited to a total of 8 tuners.

This product is revolutionary for DIRECTV because previously, each receiver required a dedicated line (or, in the case of a digital video recorder, two dedicated lines) from the dish or multiswitch to the receiver. The SWM addresses some common problems:

Problem Solution
You have only one line run into a room that you want to have a DVR and can’t or don’t want to add additional wiring. SWM solves the problem!
You have only one line run into a room and you want to have multiple DIRECTV receivers in that room, or one or more DVRs. SWM solves the problem!
You have only one line run from your roof down to where all of the wires in your house meet. SWM solves the problem!
You have an off-air antenna and a 5LNB HD DIRECTV dish and want to combine the signals on one line. The SWM8 (only*) solves the problem!
You have a cable and DIRECTV signal that you want to combine onto one line. The SWM8 (only*) solves the problem!

*Using this feature is only available with a SWM8, and will NOT work with Multi-Room Vieiwing (MRV), also known as "whole home DVR."

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