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Welcome to our DIRECTV SWM-8 and SWM-16 information site. This site was designed to give full information on using the SWM products, from the simple to the complicated.

In short, the SWM family (single-wire multiswitch, also knows as the SWM8 or SWiM) was designed to eliminate many of the issues involved in using house wiring in DIRECTV installs. Where previously several lines were required to run from a dish or multiswitch through outside walls and into individual rooms, the SWM-8 allows the signal to be run much more like a standard cable TV installation - only one line needs to run from the outdoor dish to the inside of the house.

If you have cable TV and are considering switching to DIRECTV, if you have a DVR where you want both tuners to be active, and if you have multiple rooms sharing a signal from one dish, a SWM-8 can make our installation much easier and more efficient, and may totally eliminate drilling holes through walls.

Important Update: DirecTV has begun shipping and installing the SWM LNB, also called the SWM ODU. For a comparison of this product with the SWM-8, please see our SWM comparison page. In addition, the SWM-16 is now available with support for 16 tuners.

Explore our site to learn more about what the SWM-8 can do for you!

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